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Glassware 101 - Cocktails At Home #seedlipdrinks - Cook & Nelson

Glassware 101 - Cocktails At Home #seedlipdrinks

by Jaz AKA @roamingcreative

Ever wondered what drink goes in which glass?

When it comes to making cocktails, glassware becomes much more than just a vessel. The visual appeal & functionality of a glass, like a flute or a coupe - can make a big first impression & add to the overall cocktail experience. ⁠



Tall and narrow, highball tumblers are compatible with all sorts of libations, namely high cocktails such as Gin & tonic and Rum and Coke. Bartenders often build the drinks served in highball glasses directly inside the glass. Remember, the more ice the better.


Also known as an old fashioned glass, lowball glasses are a shorter version of the highball glass and are often used for serving spirits such as bourbon. With a wide and sturdy base, lowball glasses are ideal for muddling non-liquid ingredients—think mint and other herbs—with the main liquid ingredients of the cocktail.

Martini Glasses

A stemmed cocktail glass defined by its V-shaped, conical bowl. The Martini glass was made famous by its namesake cocktail, the Martini, though it can be used for any cocktail that is served up. (Without ice). The wide mouth of the glass is intended to allow the aromas of gin botanicals to escape and float up, enticing the drinker to another sip.

Coupe glass

Coupe Glasses

Coupe glasses are stemmed, and typically defined by their broad, shallow saucer. They're exclusively used for serving “up” drinks, meaning cocktails that are shaken or stirred until chilled and served without ice (as opposed to “on the rocks”). Like the Martini Glass the stem prevents your hand from warming it up too quickly.

Copper Mugs and Julep Tins

Copper Mugs & Julep Tins

Long associated with Moscow mules and Mint juleps, copper & stainless vessels are known for their ability to instantly turn (and remain) cold—insulating the drink being served.

Copper mugs typically feature a handle that minimizes heat transfer, whether enjoying an adult beverage or something non-alcoholic, such as iced tea, water and other chilled beverages. Julep tins which were made popular by the Kentucky Derby, are usually made of silver or pewter and are sought after as a souvenir.

Nick & Nora

Nick & Nora

Named after Nick and Nora Charles, the main characters in the 1934 timeless thriller, The Thin Man. It features a bell-shaped bowl that sits on top of a long stem—slightly resembling the design of a white wine glass. Nick and Nora glasses are most commonly used to serve drinks that are shaken or stirred. They are also used to serve any beverage that’s otherwise served in a martini glass.

Rocks Glasses

Rocks Glasses

Short, broad and sturdy, rock glasses are used to serve spirits over ice, as well as distilled spirits and sweet drinks that are overwhelming in large quantities. Oftentimes, the drinks served from rocks glasses are built directly inside—making it easy to layer the different flavours with ice and liquor. Heaving the hand, there is something quite special about sipping from a rocks glass.

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